About ColorC

The futuristic winter light festival OrbitFest is an initiative of ColorC. We are a foundation aiming at supporting the production and realisation of memorable productions.
Our organisation brings people and stories together and consists of the Poli Chrom Collective which acts on behalf of the foundation and works in the Color Coelestinus Lab (under construction) on transmedial, multimedial projects together with a team of enthousiastic volunteers, partners, crew members, makers and hackers from the city of Groningen and surrounding areas. Along with this group, the foundation would like to grow towards the realisation of more qualitatively high standard productions.
By means of OrbitFest, ColorC and its participants aim to give form and content to a futuristic winter light festival based on a transmedial story from The Gaia Cycles. The predominantly freely accessible festival consists of a winter light expo, light workshops, winter lab and a winter market.

With ColorC’s stories we bring people and their particular stories together. By adhering as much as possible towards achieving our core principles, OrbitFest offers an annual meeting place and opportunity for arriving at an exchange between art and society.
We believe that, in doing so, a glocal society of makers and hackers will come into being in the northern Netherlands, one with its own qualitatively high standard culture that can be shared with the rest of the world.

The ultimate vision is to eventually work towards a festival experience in the form of a fantastic alternate reality-game. In this way, the festival story can be experienced as much as possible by visitors, both at the events area and in the virtual world.