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Join our Orbit!: throughout the whole year the organisation ColorC is occupied with the programming of the new edition of OrbitFest at the end of December and is always looking for volunteers, partners, employees, makers and hackers from Groningen and surrounding areas (Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland) who can reinforce its efforts.

Volunteers can apply via the volunteers-site. Possibly interested partners can send an email via the partners-site.

The makers and hackers with whom we collaborate, form an annual collective under the name of Poli Chrom which also shapes form and content of the coming festival and of future ColorC productions.
Our major goal is to see to it that the collective’s futuristic work meets the requirements of the annual festival theme, the festival story and ColorC’s four principles – sensorial stimulation, innovativeness, sustainability and empowerment (see the ColorC Charter (in Dutch) for more information). For lightwork makers there is an annual Call for Concepts to propose (big) lightworks from 1st january till 1st of May each year.
Throughout the year we look for makers and hackers who:

  • would like to exhibit their indoor and/or outdoor (weatherproof) light work (light installations or ambient lighting objects) during the winter light expo and/or would like to sell these objects at the winter market;
  • would like to perform their (recordings of) futuristic ambient and techno music at the festival location as part of the winter light expo;
  • would like to give light workshops to visitors. Light workshops can include, for example, the processing of light in home and garden décors, clothing and accessories (wearables), cosmetics etc. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to present their work as community light art at the end of the festival;
  • have compiled an interactive test setup regarding energy, food, health or machines and would like to present it at the winter lab;
  • would like to conduct research workshops with visitors on topics such as energy, food, health or machines in the winter lab.

Would you like to join our team or you would like additional information, then please do not hesitate to contact the ColorC festival organisation via the form below or call 06-44390667. Hope to hear from you soon and otherwise see you at OrbitFest!




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